Oyun Kale Gece FORTNITE M4 Tüfek Kazma Taro Cilt Silah Modeli Anahtarlık

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Ürün numarası: kale gece
Anahtar aksesuar sınıflandırması: Anahtarlık
Stil: unisex
Kolye malzemesi: Zamak
Malzeme: Zamak
Kategori: Anahtarlık
Hediyeler için durumlar: Reklam promosyonu


  • Boyutlar ve Ağırlık: Ürün ağırlığı: 0,0400 kg
    Paket ağırlığı: 0,0600 kg
    Paket Miktarı: 20,00 x 10,00 x 10,00 cm / 7,8 x 3,94 x 3,94 inç
  • Package Contents: Paket içeriği: 1 x Anahtarlık
  • Renk: BL-016
  • Boyut: 12cm

Jennifer Osborn

This works out much better for me than another keychain I purchased here that had key rings on both ends of the leather piece, the old keychain was way too bulky to fit in a pocket

Best keychain I have ever owned, this design is fabulous, or for when you only want to take certain keys with you, the design is sleek and it looks really good, by far the best design ever

This keychain light is perfect for when you come home after dark and need light to find the lock in the front door, or when you come into your dark house and need light to find the light switch inside, they are small so they are not bulky but the light they emit is very bright, my only complaint is that it would be nice if there was an switch to keep the light on instead of having to keep the button pressed, I gave one to my husband for his key chain, one on the chain for my spare key

I use these on my key chain mainly to check the mailbox after dark and to unlock the door to the house, I have only used them a few days so can't report on how long the little lights last, I do like the size as it seems just right to do the task I need and not add bulk or weight to the key chain, i'm not trying to explore the woods at night with these little lights just have something to use as stated here and they do that job perfectly
Robert Real

I bought this one gray chain the light went out ... but customer service replaced it with the brand new version and wow never thought I would think much about keychains till my last one broke, if you need a keychain that's handy and durable go work this one, service is great too for such a small item